Catherine O’Reilly (Lindy)

Highly talented & versatile actress with many screen and stage credits

Nicolas Carré (Marc)

An entertainer with a multitude of talents from singing to acting

Stuart Barham (Solly)

First tier musical director with credits including the original London production of Cats

José Promis (Himself)

See José's separate bio

Denia Ridley (Lottie)

An accomplished jazz singer and performer

Carl Henry (Osgood)

Serial entrepreneur and singer

Stefan Stricker (Juwelia)

A talented Berliner cross dressing underground legend, singer and entertainer

Colette Marx-Nielsen (Greta)

An exceptional versatile entertainer and singer

Wilma-Emilie Kuosa (Vamp)

A career dancer and creative

Laurence Gartel (Himself)

The father of digital art